Ways To Make Your Floor Less Slippery

ECOS Paints 07/22/2021
Ways To Make Your Floor Less Slippery

For young kids, a slippery floor becomes a fun game of seeing how far you can glide around in your socks. But if you’re older or carrying a container full of belongings, a slick floor quickly becomes a safety hazard. Whether it’s the laminate floor in the laundry room or the slick hardwood in the foyer, finding ways to make your floor less slippery is necessary for keeping your household safe.

Strategically Place Area Rugs

The best way to keep from slipping on slick surfaces is to cover the surfaces entirely. You can easily do this by placing area rugs in locations where people are likely to fall, such as hallways or near sinks. Keeping a rug near the doors will also help keep floors less slick by allowing guests to wipe their feet before tracking water into the house.

Additional Note: The one caveat about adding area rugs to a space is the possibility of the rugs becoming tripping hazards themselves. This is especially true if there are members of your house who cannot or do not pick up their feet when they walk. Anti-slip mats that are designed with greater traction may help avoid this hazard.

Clean the Floors Regularly

Even though mats at the door help cut down on the number of puddles throughout the house, they don’t prevent them altogether. That’s why keeping up with cleaning the floors is essential. Try to keep paper towels in areas where spills are more likely and mop regularly. This is especially important during times of the year when the weather is wetter, such as winter and spring.

Remove Old Wax

Floor wax helps protect flooring in high traffic areas, but too much wax or old waxy residue can cause a floor to become slick over time. To help make your floor less slippery, you may need to remove some of this wax. Start by combining one part white wine vinegar with two parts water in a bucket. Then, using a mop, cover the surface in the solution. When done, dry excess liquid with a cloth or dry mop.

Use Anti-Slip Paint

For especially slick areas such as unfinished stairs and basements, it may be necessary to add an extra layer of traction to the floor itself. That is where anti-slip floor paint comes in. Anti-slip paint is a semi-gloss paint that adds a fine texture to the floor. This helps give the floor more traction even when walking on it barefoot or in socks.

Among ECOS Paints’ collection of non-toxic* paints, we have anti-slip floor paint available in hundreds of colors. With these paints, your home will be stylish and protected.

* Non-Toxic - Conforms to ASTM-D4236, specifically concerning oral toxicity, skin irritation and respiratory effects.

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