What Color Should a Ceiling Be Painted?

ECOS Paints 03/17/2020
What Color Should a Ceiling Be Painted?

Finding the perfect color for your space can be overwhelming. With so many different colors and shades out there, you’re bound to be asking yourself a few questions. What color should a ceiling be painted? In a previous post, we talked about how to safely paint a ceiling—but before you can paint, you have to figure out what color a ceiling should be painted. Below, we delve into some typical rules for choosing the right ceiling color. Don’t let the stress of finding the perfect paint ceiling color keep you from designing the space of your dreams!

Choose White for Primary Living Areas

Color can create a sophisticated charm, but typically, your best color for ceiling paint is white. It’s the most neutral color that will pair well with any wall color you choose. Choosing white ceilings is especially important for the rooms you use most often, such as the kitchen and living room.

Choose a Darker Color Than the Walls for a Sophisticated Look

If you’re hoping to paint your ceiling a darker shade, then at least make sure it’s two or three shades darker than the wall color. This will give the space a sophisticated look, and it can also help make the room feel more intimate. Darker ceilings will also create contrast with any crown molding and make a high ceiling seem a bit lower.

Paint a Lighter Color Than the Walls for Simplicity

By contrast, a ceiling color that’s lighter than the walls will give you the classic look most people are searching for. This is a must for smaller rooms—the lighter shade can make the walls of the room feel higher and look larger. It will give the space a low-contrast look, which in turn gives you more freedom for decorating purposes.

Paint the Same Color as the Walls for a Seamless Look

The last option you have for painting your ceiling is to use the same color as the walls. This will provide the space with a more seamless look than the three options above. For this choice, you’ll have to think about how you want the room to feel and, from there, choose a wall color. Do you want the room to feel like an open space? Or do you want it to seem a little cozier? For small rooms, we suggest lighter colors for the walls and ceiling to make it seem bigger. For large rooms, darker colors will unify the room and make it feel more intimate.

Important Tips

Below are a few important tips to keep in mind when you’re choosing a paint color for your ceiling:

Pick the wall color first

In the end, you’ll be happier that you based the ceiling color off of the walls, rather than the wall color off of the ceiling.

Ask for half the strength

When you’re painting your ceiling the same color as the walls, ask for a color that’s half the strength of the color on the walls. You’ll still get a seamless look, but with a brighter finish.

Tint the ceiling color to coordinate with the walls

No matter what color you choose for the walls, think about tinting the ceiling color with the same undertones to better coordinate the two hues.

For all of your painting needs, reach out to ECOS Paints. Our non-toxic paint* comes in a variety of hues, and we also offer free color matching. Your space can be the haven you’ve been dreaming about when you shop our healthy paints. You won’t regret picking us—a seamless project is on the way!

*Nontoxic: Conforms to ASTMD-4236, specifically concerning oral toxicity, skin irritation, and respiratory effects.

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