What to Know About Eco-Friendly and Matte Black Wall Paint

Tony 06/26/2019
What to Know About Eco-Friendly and Matte Black Wall Paint

It has often been stated that the simplest way to change the look of your house is to repaint it. If repainting it is too much work for you, you can repaint a piece of furniture. If you are keen, you will notice that we are often instructed to use normal paints in a well-ventilated area. Have you ever asked yourself why?

Regular paints contain volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). VOCs are high-pressure organic chemicals at room temperature. People can have adverse health effects from VOCs, such as asthma and other allergic reactions.

Thankfully, with the world going green, paint manufacturers have started producing eco-friendly paint. Eco-friendly paint is paint that is designed to have minimal or zero levels of VOCs. Homeowners, landlords, and hotel owners are slowly switching to eco-friendly paints because they are safer for everybody, even children. A study by the Survey Research Institute has shown that 83% of travelers if given the option, will choose an allergy friendly room. Eco-friendly paints come in all colors as well as a wall primer.

Something new in the interior design world is also matte black wall paint. I am sure you have heard of the word 'matte' being used across many other products, especially makeup. Well, matte has made its way into the world of interior design, and many are starting to prefer matte black wall paint as a finish to their home interiors. Other than giving your home a modern yet cozy finish, matte black wall paint is considered to be the best paint for hiding stains.

As you know, black as a color absorbs light instead of reflecting it. If you have an old house with rough walls, using matte black wall paint can hide those imperfections. Just in case you are wondering, yes, you can still wash your matte black painted walls. The process is just longer than usual; when washing walls with matte paint colors, be sure to dry correctly so as not to leave any water stains.

One thing you should keep in mind when using matte black wall paint is that it might make the room darker. What this means is that you have to get creative with lighting. Of course, you are not going to paint the whole room black, but even if you do, you will need to add a few things here and there to make the room more vibrant. Light fixtures on the walls are an excellent place to start.

Before choosing to go for matte black wall paint, it is essential to have in mind the purpose of the room. You can use black color anywhere, but when it beats the purpose of the design of the room, then you will end up with ugly walls. When used correctly, matte black paint will not only soften the look of your room; it can also bring out a dramatic but approachable look to a particular space.