What You Need to Know About Non Toxic Paints for Your Household

Tony 12/04/2019
What You Need to Know About Non Toxic Paints for Your Household

There have been long-standing debates over what types of paints qualify as non toxic. All these debates are humdrum for the average consumer, whose only concern is to have a beautifully finished home or paint that won’t be detrimental to the environment or be a health hazard.

Some homeowners just want an appropriate paint for their baby crib or have extreme sensitivities to certain chemicals. This piece will highlight the basics of non toxic paints to have you well informed next time you want to purchase non toxic paints.

What Exactly Are Non Toxic Paints?

Non toxic paints are free from chemicals that are otherwise harmful to the environment or could permanently or temporarily affect the health of the house inhabitants. Sticking to that definition, we can whittle down non toxic paints to three main types: natural paints, low VOC paints, and zero VOC paints. Here’s a brief explanation of each type.

Natural Paints

Natural paints are quite rare and are not readily available in outlets nationwide. These paints only contain raw ingredients that include but are not limited to clay, plant oils, and sometimes even beeswax. All or most of the ingredients are obtained from natural sources, hence eliminating any chance of toxicity. As for the effectiveness of these paints, they don't last as long as most people would wish them to last. Because they are quite rare, natural paints can be pricey. They come in limited color ranges, which is a deal-breaker for consumers who love color matching.

Low VOC Paints

Volatile organic compounds, more commonly known as VOCs, are found in most construction materials and not just paints. These compounds, due to their volatile nature, evaporate and dissipate into the atmosphere, where they may be harmful to both the environment and people frequently exposed to them. Low VOC paints have a maximum of 50 grams of VOC per liter compared to 300 grams per liter of standard paints, making Low VOC paints a healthier alternative to standard paints.

Zero VOC paints

There is some confusion surrounding zero VOC paints as to the exact content of VOC per liter in the paints. Possibly because of the name, many people are inclined to think Zero VOC paints are completely free of any VOC. In fact, zero VOC paints can contain up to 5 grams of VOC per liter, which is quite negligible, hence the term zero VOC paints. These paints are a great option for health-conscious consumers and the environment.

What Are Some Benefits of Non Toxic Paints

Choosing a low VOC paint, or even better, a zero VOC paint, benefits your family’s health and is less detrimental to the environment. Here are a few benefits of using non toxic paints over conventional paints for your painting needs.
  1. Low and Zero VOC paints greatly reduce toxic allergens that are usually associated with other paints. These paints are ideal for folks with chemical sensitivities or are allergic to certain compounds in the paints. They can comfortably return to the painted space soon after painting, or may even be able to participate in the painting process.
  2. Low and Zero VOC paints work just as well as conventional paints, and some say they work even better. So you don’t have to worry about compromising on the quality of your finishes.
  3. Low and Zero VOC paints are easier to clean than standard paints, all you need is some soap and clean water and with a gentle wipe get rid of any stains on your walls.
Hopefully you now have a better understanding of non toxic, eco-friendly paints and are well acquainted with the benefits of these types of paints. Grab yourself a can or two today with ECOS Paints!