Where the Wild Things Are Nursery v.2

Lullaby 12/16/2015

A couple of years ago, we created a storybook nursery design based on the classic book, Where the Wild Things Are. Since then, it's become one of our most popular Pins and its viral impact never seems to quit. Since it's been a while and it's been such a desired design, we decided to try a second version. So, this month's challenge to Buy Modern Baby (who makes us a new nursery mood board every month), was to refresh the concept. Check them both out and see which Where the Wild Things Are Nursery concept you like best.

Here's the original (find details for products here):

where the wild things are nursery - lullaby paints


And here's Buy Modern Baby's update:


We think the original is a little more woodsy and Buy Modern Baby's is a bit more whimsical – both lovely in their own unique ways.

"I think we went just far enough into the theme to make is recognizable, without taking it overboard, and the result is a really great modern nursery!" writes Buy Modern Baby. "We used Moonstone as the base color for the space. It’s a beautiful warm gray that goes wonderfully with green and has a glow of moonlight and twilight about it which feels like the darkening evening in Max’s room."

You can find details for the products she used here. And check out more decor ideas on the Pinboard:

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What do you think? Do you like the original or v.2? Let us know in the comments and go ahead and recommend another storybook you'd like to see translated into a nursery!