Why Non Toxic Paint Is Best For Your Home

ECOS Paints 06/07/2019
Why Non Toxic Paint Is Best For Your Home

If you're about to paint your home, have you chosen your paint yet?

If not, make an effort to choose non toxic paint. Read on to find out why all of the best low VOC paint options are better to use for your home than traditional toxic paints.

If You Have Pets

Do you have dogs and cats in your home?

No matter what kind of animal you have at home, no pet should be subjected to wall, furniture, or floor paint that is chock full of harmful chemicals. Though most mature animals that are properly trained won't claw or lick at a freshly painted interior, paint that is not eco-friendly can harm your animal's respiratory system. This may be especially true for dogs, since their sense of smell is so pronounced.

If you have young or otherwise untrained pets in your home, a destructive streak may be of concern in a freshly painted home. VOC levels in paint do not dissipate fully until after a year, so if your home is freshly painted and your animal happens to chew on or otherwise ingest the paint, he or she can be sick.

If You're A Mom-To-Be

Air purifying paints are best to use if anyone in your household is pregnant. If you're a mom-to-be and your home is being painted with a traditional coating or color, your unborn child may be at risk.

Inhaling toxic chemicals in traditional paints can lead to lead poisoning in very young children. Lead may not cause immediate damage to your child's physical state, but it may cause behavioral or other neurological issues down the road. Dangerous amounts of chemicals in your paint can affect your baby in utero as well as through babyhood and toddlerhood.

If You Have Respiratory Issues

Do you have asthma? Is anyone in your household at risk of a respiratory issue? If so, avoiding polyurethane fumes by painting with nontoxic paint is your best outcome.

A study in Sweden, children whose bedrooms displayed a PGE level in the top 25th percentile were at 100 percent risk of developing asthma. Though this study did not include adult subjects, other studies confirm that PGE levels have a negative and nearly immediate effect on human respiratory systems. Using non toxic paint is the only surefire way to decrease the likelihood of harmful chemicals born of paint in your home.

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