Why You Need to Seal Concrete Floors

ECOS Paints 08/14/2020
Why You Need to Seal Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are fixtures in many homes, whether it’s a tinted floor in the living room or the floor of an unfinished basement. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t consider treating their floors with a sealer, not realizing the benefits associated with it. For those who are still on the fence about whether they should bother buying sealant, this is why you need to seal concrete floors.

It Protects the Floor

One of the reasons homeowners often don’t think of sealing concrete floors is because concrete is so durable. It’s true that durability is one of the things that makes concrete such a good choice for flooring, but durable does not mean indestructible. Over time, concrete floors will go through wear and tear just like any other material, often chipping or cracking when the concrete expands and shrinks in changing temperatures. This can pose a number of risks to your home. Chipped concrete pieces can hurt bare feet and pop tires, and cracks can become tripping hazards and havens for mold. Sealing the floor makes it more durable and less prone to scuffs and cracks.

Easier to Clean

People tend to choose harder surfaced floors over carpet in part to avoid stains. However, since concrete is a porous substance, it tends to absorb liquids it comes in contact with and become stained. These stains often can’t be removed. Concrete can also absorb dust particles, making sweeping an unsealed floor extremely difficult. Treating a concrete floor with a sealer makes the floor more resistant to liquid and therefore harder to stain as well as easier to sweep and mop.

Enhances Color

Sealed concrete floors just tend to look better than unsealed ones. Adding a sealer can enhance the color of a concrete floor and add a glossy finish that gives the room a polished look. And if you don’t like the color of your concrete, it’s possible to choose different-colored, solid or transparent sealers to change the look of your room.

If you enjoy having a durable, unique floor in your home, you need to choose concrete floors. And if you want a durable, unique flooring that’s well-protected against wear and tear, that’s easy to clean, and that has a beautiful finish, then you need to seal your concrete floors. Our nontoxic concrete sealers are available in a variety of colors, so you can use them to liven up and protect the concrete floor in any room.

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