Why You Should Consider Non Toxic Paint

Tony 09/24/2019
Why You Should Consider Non Toxic Paint
Painting your home is a difficult task. Never mind the fact that you have to decide how to approach the task -- you'll also need to nail down the shades you want, as well as the finish, as well as the brand of paint. But when you're deciding on the type of paint that you'll use, it can be all too easy to forget that paint is actually a chemical product and can be harmful. The fact that non toxic paint and primer for painting exists on the market tells you that there is an issue at hand -- but of course, it's not as anyone you know is going to be eating your paint, right? What's the problem?

There is, in fact, the difference between the paint that people commonly bought in the past and the paints that are made today, which are designed to cater to people with sensitivities to certain ingredients or odors. There are also paints made for people who just want to be more environmentally friendly. You may not even know that there is a reason for you to buy non toxic or odorless paints. But these types of paints aren't just for people with allergies, although that's certainly a big reason to avoid traditional paints. Below, we're going to look into why people are going out of their way to buy cleaner paints and supplies like primer for painting.

Keeping Children In Mind

More and more, we are becoming aware of the fact that what our children consume in infancy -- whether they're literally eating it, or inhaling it, or even absorbing it through their skin -- affects them throughout their lives. It shouldn't come as any major surprise, especially when you consider the fact that kids with bedroom PGE (formally known as propylene glycol and glycol ethers, which are commonly found in cleaners and paints) concentrations of 25% or higher are 100% likelier to develop asthma, and 150% likelier to have eczema. They're also 320% more likely to have rhinitis with these PGE concentrations. Of course, when a new baby is born, one of the many questions its parents will face is what color they'll paint the nursery. If that room is painted with traditional products, the baby could very well be more likely to develop such issues down the line. In addition, f the baby is born with an allergy to latex, for example, paints that contain this additive could prove problematic. The proximity to toxic paints could even make a child more likely develop an allergy in the first place. Ultimately, parents all want to make the healthiest decisions possible for their children. Non toxic paints and primer for painting are a part of that.

Sensitivities And Allergies Are Big Concerns

Think about the last time you painted a room in your house. Chances are, the fumes from the paint caused you a headache or maybe even a burning sensation in your lungs. This is probably because you're sensitive to the odors from the paint. You could even possibly have an allergy without knowing it. Whether you have an allergy or not, you'll be less likely to be irritated by paints if you choose low odor or odorless paints or primer for painting. Additionally, you can buy allergy friendly, non toxic primers not only for your walls, but your floors. You have to think about not only what you're eating, but what you're inhaling; when you consider how long it may take you to paint even one room in your home, let alone multiple rooms, you should think twice about how long you're going to be inhaling the chemicals that make up your paint.

Think About Your Environment

Just as toxic chemicals are bad for you and others to breathe in, they're also bad for the environment at large. This is a major reason why non toxic paint is now available. This type of paint is more eco friendly than traditional paints. This is something you'll want to keep in mind even more if you live in the city and in close proximity to others. In areas like these, where the air quality is already poor, you'll want to be careful about the paint you're using.

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