Winter Woodland Nursery Design

Lullaby 01/09/2015

Nature is one of the best sources for design inspiration and even if you don’t like the cold temperatures of winter, you can certainly appreciate the snowy, white beauty of the season. Esther of Buy Modern Baby captures the essence of a frosty forest in this winter woodland nursery design, but keeps it cozy feeling using the warmth of Lullaby Paints in Suede combined with cabin-esque elements that are reminiscent of sitting around a fire.

Not only does the color palette keep the room gender neutral, the versatility of the furnishings and decor make the room ageless, as well. Replace the crib with a couch and you’d have an inviting den! Once again, Esther has impressed us with a fresh, unique, inspired nursery that any baby would be lucky to have!

woodland nursery design

Find details about all of the products featured here at Buy Modern Baby. And, as usual, the items on the Winter Woodland Nursery Inspiration Pinterest board are just as great as what we’ve included here, so if you like this aesthetic, please visit the board for more ideas and inspiration.

If you’d like more options to consider, check out the entire series of nursery design boards that we’ve created on Pinterest over the past few months.  Esther has used a wide variety of beautiful, Lullaby Paints shades, including Pewter, Spring Time Green, Royal Blue, Joyful Green, Summer Coral, Morning Sunrise and Dark Purple as the backdrop of her designs. Have another color in mind? Let us know in the comments and we’ll try to put together some inspiration especially for you!