3 Ubiquitous Sources of Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) in the Home

ECOS Paints 11/14/2019
3 Ubiquitous Sources of Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) in the Home

In the modern landscape we are absolutely inundated with various forms of technology. In life, we move through the waves these machines emit the same way a fish moves through water. All devices which involve the flow of an electric current generate surrounding magnetic fields. The strength of these fields is proportional to the strength of the electric currents creating them.

Often, people want to limit their exposure to these fields. A highly effective way to accomplish this is to apply EMR (electromagnetic radiation) shielding paints to a home's walls. These anti radiation paints go between the primer and a top coat of paint, adding a layer of protective nickel to block electromagnetic fields. In most homes, electric and magnetic fields are emitted by the following:

  1. Computers
    It is well known that it's unwise to make a habit of placing your laptop directly on your lap. However, it is not just these portable devices which produce EMFs (electric and magnetic fields). Desktop computers produce these fields as well -- in fact, these fields are generally greater in strength than their portable counterparts, as desktops tend to be higher-powered.

  2. TVs
    The old cathode-ray tube TVs of days past, with their more powerful electromagnetic fields, are something of a rarity now. Today's slick, lower-power plasma and LCD televisions and monitors produce less EMR. However, these are electronic devices and therefore the fields are still present. In smart TVs, which are increasing in popularity, these fields are even stronger.

  3. Electrical wiring
    The wiring itself in a home produces a magnetic field, as it constantly has currents of electricity running through it. Power lines have the same effect on a larger scale. An EMF meter can show you where in your home these fields are strongest.
If you are interested in decreasing the amount of EMR in your house, look into the anti radiation paints available here at ECOS Paints. The Zero VOC paint uses high-quality nickel to provide shielding against ELF, VLF, and EMR radiation, ideal for giving you and your family peace of mind. For those looking to sell their home: just as painting your bathroom blue can increase your home's value, coating your walls in anti radiation paint can be attractive to potential buyers!

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