Get To Know Your Paint: How EMF Paint Works

ECOS Paints 07/08/2022
Get To Know Your Paint: How EMF Paint Works

In recent years, we as a society have begun to pay closer attention to the potentially detrimental effects of electromagnetic fields in our homes. Households have made a variety of lifestyle changes to decrease their exposure to EMF, such as switching to cabled internet or reducing the use of electronics. However, one of the most popular ways to reduce exposure is to turn to shielding paint.

But for those who are concerned about this electromagnetic radiation, you should be sure that your solutions will actually protect you. Shielding paint may almost seem like “too easy” of a solution. But when you understand how EMF paint works, it’s easier to set your mind at ease.

What Is EMF?

EMF, or electromagnetic fields, are energy fields resulting from electrical currents. Most people consider these fields safe to be around. However, some research suggests that prolonged exposure can lead to physical, mental, and emotional consequences, such as trouble sleeping, headaches, and mood fluctuations.

Some of the most common sources of EMFs within the home include Wi-Fi, smart devices like phones, and electric appliances. While it’s easy to manage your exposure to these sorts of sources, it’s not always easy to control fields that come from outside the home, like cell phone towers and telephone lines. That’s why people paint their walls with special shielding paint that blocks these signals.

How Shielding Paint Blocks EMF

The secret to how EMF paint blocks electromagnetic fields lies in the materials used to make it. Shielding paint contains flakes of sheet metal, such as nickel, copper, silver, steel, or brass—materials that radio frequencies cannot pass through. This works under the same principle as putting on a metal apron when you’re getting an X-ray to protect yourself from radiation.

How To Use It

Using shielding paint in one’s home is the same as using normal paint. After applying primer to the walls, you can put one or more coats of paint on the walls. The more coats you add, the higher the protection you can expect from the paint. We recommend 2 coats for best results. From here, you can paint over the shielding paint with ordinary paint without worrying about ruining your protection.

Caveats of Shielding Paint

Shielding paint is highly effective at blocking out EMF in a space. However, because it is so effective, you can expect interference with Wi-Fi and cell phone signals in rooms with this kind of paint. The easiest solution is to switch to cable internet and a landline.

Additionally, you should note that rooms with windows will still have an entrance for EMF to pass through. Coupling shielding paint with metal-lined curtains is ideal for full protection.

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