5 Most Common Mistakes Made When Painting Walls

ECOS Paints 05/01/2020
5 Most Common Mistakes Made When Painting Walls

Painting a room always sounds like the perfect idea before you begin. But if you don’t follow important tips and tricks and don’t prep correctly, those dreams can quickly go downhill. Make sure your next painting project goes off without a hitch—don’t fall victim to these common mistakes made when painting walls. From not purchasing quality brushes to not letting the paint dry fully, making these mistakes will take your paint job from professional to poor.

Not Buying Enough Paint

You should always, always, buy more paint than you think you need. One of the biggest and most frustrating mistakes is realizing that you’re out of paint and still have a wall to go. Not only is it frustrating having to go back to the store or to have to wait for the paint to come in the mail, but sometimes this new can will be slightly different in its shade and tone.

Buy more paint than you need and mix it all into one big bin so that the color is even across the room.

Not Purchasing Quality Supplies

Similarly, your paint job will fail before the first coat is even applied if you’re not purchasing quality painting equipment. This goes into choosing the right paint for the job but gets as nit-picky as ensuring that you have quality brushes and rollers. You don’t want to start painting and realize that your brush is leaving fragments of itself on the walls.

Reach out to quality resources for your paint and painting supplies.

Not Prepping Walls Correctly

This is a big mistake. Painting walls is a process, and if you want it to work well, then you have to take the time to follow all the steps. This means that you cannot and should not rush the prepping process. You’ll need to wash the walls, get rid of the grime, fill holes, sand down the walls, and prime. Your paint cannot fill holes, and paint won’t stay as well if you don’t sand before putting paint on a semi-gloss finish.

You have to prep the walls and make sure they’re in a good enough state before starting to paint.

Not Letting the Paint Coats Dry

This is a seemingly small mistake but can come with major consequences. Letting paint dry is as...dry as it sounds. Still, it’s essential to let the paint dry fully on the walls before you put on the second coat. It may seem excessive to wait overnight, but that’s what often separates a professional paint job from a DIY paint job.

Aim for fully dried walls before you put on another coat—it ensures smooth walls and even paint.

Not Painting in a “V” or “W” Shape

Painting vertically, or painting straight up and down, is a common mistake. Vertical painting will lead to uneven coats of paint. If you paint this way, you’ll be able to see lines where the paint has overlapped, as well as the lighter or thicker areas.

Painting in “V” and “W” shapes will give you an even coat and help ensure you don’t have any areas thicker or lighter than others.

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