3 Reasons To Use EMR-Shielding Paint Over Traditional Paint

ECOS Paints 01/25/2022
3 Reasons To Use EMR-Shielding Paint Over Traditional Paint

When it’s time to paint our homes, we’re flooded with different options. Along with a myriad of colors, there are different brands, ingredients, and sheen types to choose from.

But some paint types don’t only change the color of your room—EMF-shielding paint, for instance, can change the quality of your life. This article covers why more and more people are opting for EMR-shielding paint.

What Is EMR-Shielding Paint?

EMR shielding paints are different from traditional paints because of their ingredient list. Unlike traditional paints, they contain nickel flakes. This allows them to block the interior of a room from sources of electromagnetic radiation or EMR, such as cell towers, powerlines, and appliances.

Many homeowners feel that buying an EMR-shielding paint in addition to their normal paint color is excessive. However, there are several key reasons to use EMR-shielding paint over traditional paint.

Reasons To Use EMR Shielding Paint

It’s a Non-Invasive Method of EMR Reduction

EMR is everywhere in our modern world (thanks to things such as Wi-Fi, cell phones, and smart devices.) While there is still debate about the extent to which EMR exposure can impact one’s health, some suggest that too much exposure can lead to increased instances of the following:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Cancer (potential increased risk)

Because there are so many sources of EMR, reducing one’s exposure to it usually involves rearranging one’s entire lifestyle. However, EMR-shielding paint only needs to be applied once to protect your home from radiation, making it one of the least invasive radiation-reduction methods.

Helps Protect Against Outside Sources of EMF

A person can protect themselves against EMF by reducing their electronic usage, improving their home’s electricity, and changing from Wi-Fi to corded internet. However, these actions only address EMF inside the house; they can’t stop outside sources, such as the powerlines of cell towers.

While you can’t change the fact these radiation sources exist, EMF-shielding paints can help block the radiation to create a better environment within your home.

Improved Sleep When Used in Bedrooms

According to one study, EMF exposure at night may potentially disrupt one’s sleep. This can be especially difficult if you live in an urban area where sources of radiation abound. By blocking these sources with EMF-shielding paint, you can create a more tranquil bedroom environment.

How To Apply EMR-Shielding Paint

EMR-shielding paint is simple to use. After you prime your walls, you can apply the paint just like you would any other kind. Most recommend using at least two coats to maximize power attenuation. While ECOS EMF paint only comes in grey, you can paint over it with a regular wall paint of your choice after it has fully dried.