Why You Should Have a Pet Room in Your Home

Emma from ECOS Paints 04/06/2023
Why You Should Have a Pet Room in Your Home

For many pet owners, the idea of having a “spot” in the house designated for the animals in their lives isn’t new. The dog may have a little house in the backyard, the cat may have a bed in the corner, and the iguana may have a spot for its cage. But if you’ve been perusing pet blogs, you may have noticed a phenomenon of people taking this idea to the next level.

We are, of course, talking about the trend of creating a “pet room” in the house. The idea can seem silly on paper, but it has more merit than you would think. Here are just a few of many benefits to having a pet room in your home.


As much as we love the furry, scaly, or feathery friends in our lives, we can all agree that they tend to make a mess. And between scratching up the furniture, shedding fur, and leaving unexpected messes on the floor, it can make your whole home feel less than fresh.

Having a pet room may not stop your cat from scratching the couch or your dog from shedding, but having a zone where they spend a lot of their time can help corral the mess into one area of your home. It also gives you the perfect place to store pet-related supplies such as food, leashes, or toys. This helps keep the rest of your home less cluttered.

Abate Pet Anxiety

Pets are prone to anxiety just like people are. New house members, fireworks, or separation issues can all trigger stress in pets, and those feelings can lead to destructive behaviors, such as:

  • Pica
  • Self-injury
  • Damaging furniture or plants
  • Accidents
  • Excessive vocalizations

One reason why you should consider having a pet room in your home is to help relieve pet anxiety. One of the best ways to do so, especially for pets with separation anxiety, is to have a space in the home where a pet feels safe. A designated pet room that houses the pet’s bed, food, and other comforting items will help pets feel secure in times of stress.

Ease New Pets Into a Home

Entering a new home can be a source of severe anxiety for new pets. This is why new cats, for instance, tend to hide for the first few hours or days after coming to a new home. Most experts recommend helping a new pet acclimate to a new home by putting them in a separate space while they adjust. A pet room is a good option for this and helps the family get ready to introduce a new member to the home.

Quick Tips for Making a Pet Room

When you’re creating a room for your dog, you can use a spare bedroom in your home, a closet, or even a small nook beneath the stairs where you keep their crate. The goal is to create a place where the animals will feel secure and safe. Not only does that mean decorating with durable and comfortable furniture, but it also means using pet-friendly paints to ensure your pet will be happy and healthy in their space. Check out this independent review of our pet-friendly paints for even more information about the benefits of using ECOS in your pet room.

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