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0586 Wind Blown from ECOS Paints gives you a pastel light-blue paint color that makes your space feel airy, open, and bright.

0586 Wind Blown

Wind Blown is a cool, neutral gray with a hint of blue undertones. This versatile color has a calming effect and pairs beautifully with other neutrals or as a backdrop for bold accent colors. Its serene and soft atmosphere evokes a sense of tranquility and peacefulness, perfect for bedrooms or meditation spaces. Complementary colors to pair with Wind Blown include warm earthy tones like tan or brown or soft pastels like blush or pale blue.

The colors on your screen do not always give an accurate representation. Ordering a sample or color card is highly recommended.

Color cards are $0.25 each (minimum order value of $2). Color card orders eligible for $5 off first order of one gallon or more - limit one per customer. Color cards ship free via USPS (not trackable).

Paint color samples are sent in our Eggshell finish and ship free via FedEx. Order 3 or more samples to get $10 off your next order of one gallon or more - limit one per customer.

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