Eggshell vs. Matte: Navigating the Best ECOS Paint Finish for Your Space

ECOS Paints 12/02/2023
An accent wall painted with ECOS Paints durable Eggshell finish

When it comes to choosing a paint finish, the options might seem endless. Two popular choices that often lead to contemplation are Eggshell and Matte. Both have their unique advantages and optimal uses. With ECOS Paints offering premium quality in each finish, let's demystify the differences and guide you to making the best choice for your space.

1. Understanding the Basics: Sheen and Appearance


  • Sheen Level: Low-luster sheen, resembling the slight shine of an actual eggshell.
  • Appearance: Provides a subtle shine, especially when light hits the surface.


  • Sheen Level: Minimal shine.
  • Appearance: Offers a flatter, smooth look.
Close-up view of ECOS Paints Eggshell finish with a subtle sheen

2. Durability and Maintenance


  • Durability: More durable, offering resistance to stains and scuffs. Suited to rooms with higher air moisture levels.
  • Maintenance: Easier to clean than Matte due to its slight sheen.


  • Durability: Can mark easier, but touch-ups are typically more seamless.
  • Maintenance: Requires gentler cleaning as aggressive scrubbing can damage the finish.
Cleaning techniques for ECOS Paints Eggshell and Matte finishes

3. Best Use Cases


  • Spaces: Living rooms, dining areas, bathrooms, and kitchens.
  • Reason: The slight sheen can better handle occasional cleaning, making it versatile for common areas.


  • Spaces: Ceilings, adult bedrooms, and other low-traffic areas.
  • Reason: The flat finish hides imperfections and offers a more sophisticated, muted look.
Rooms showcasing the use of ECOS Paints in Eggshell and Matte finishes

4. Aesthetic Preferences


  • Vibe: Provides depth and warmth to a room.
  • Interplay with Light: Slightly reflects light, creating a cozy ambiance.


  • Vibe: Delivers a contemporary, minimalist look.
  • Interplay with Light: Absorbs light, making colors appear more consistent.
Room aesthetics achieved with ECOS Paints Eggshell and Matte finishes


Choosing between Eggshell and Matte finishes depends on the function of your space, the aesthetic you are aiming for, and maintenance preferences. With ECOS Paints, you're assured of top-tier quality, whichever finish you opt for. Reflect on your space's needs, and let your walls showcase your style with precision.

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