Ways To Protect Your Home from EMF

ECOS Paints 05/06/2024
Ways To Protect Your Home from EMF

Electromagnetic fields, or EMF, have caused a stir in scientific fields in recent years. It’s especially relevant given the sheer volume of electrical appliances in our homes. But even though our modern world runs on electricity, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to protect your home from EMF.

Hire an EMF Consultant

If you were worried about an infestation or pest pollution in your home, you would hire a professional to come in, assess the situation, and provide possible solutions. You can do the same thing with EMF by hiring a consultant. EMF Consultants have access to the specialized equipment necessary to test the radiation levels in your home. They can also walk you through remediation for your unique space and situation.

Limit Wireless and Electronic Usage

Much of what an EMF consultant will advise you to do concerns reducing EMFs by identifying the sources, which requires knowing what objects in your home produce EMFs. Some familiar sources include:

  • Microwave ovens
  • Cell phones
  • Laptops
  • Clocks
  • Smart Appliances and Devices
  • Wireless devices, such as baby monitors, watches, and headsets
  • Wi-Fi
  • Electronic Meters

Simply turning these things off when they aren’t in use or moving them away from sleeping areas can do much to reduce your family’s exposure to EMF. In the case of wireless appliances, you can switch them out with their corded counterparts.

Install Electricity Filters

One source of EMF that causes many consultants concern is “dirty electricity.” This can occur in any electrical device that alters an AC, such as fluorescent lightbulbs, televisions, and even hair dryers. The manipulation of currents may cause large spikes in EMF readings. Fortunately, they now have filters that you can install on electrical circuits. These devices filter out the higher frequencies, reducing dirty electricity.

Utilize EMF Blocking Materials

When the radiation’s source comes from outside the home, EMF blocking materials are invaluable for protecting your home from EMF. Certain materials, such as carbon or nickel, help block EMF signals, so you can use materials made from these to keep EMF out. You can drape EMF canopies around beds, EMF shields around appliances, and curtains on windows.

For particularly large outside radiation sources, look into paints that block EMF signals. These paints, which you can apply to walls and paint over with a color of your choice, allow you to guard entire rooms from outside sources of EMF. Here at ECOS Paints, we offer a nickel-based EMF blocking paint to help protect your home from unwanted radiation.