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"Deep, rich colors"

1258 Sweet Flower
1259 Eyeshadow
1260 Pretty Posie
1261 Childish Wonder
1262 Bailey Bells
1263 Medieval
1264 Altar Of Heaven
1265 White Shoulders
1266 Penelope
1267 Casa Del Mar
1268 Spoiled Rotten
1269 Mood Mode
1270 Wind Star
1271 Hot Sauna
1272 Angel Kiss
1273 Wildflower Prairie
1274 Genevieve
1275 High Style
1276 Velvet Robe
1277 Regal Azure
1278 Fresh Take
1279 He Loves Me
1280 Lilac Luster
1281 Collensia
1282 Butterfly Bush
1283 Lavender Spectacle
1284 Grapes Of Wrath
1285 Jazlyn
1286 Lavender Pizzazz
1287 Orchid Fragrance
1288 Violet Crush
1289 Lilac Blossom
1290 Violet Vibes
1291 Dancing In The Spring

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