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How to Open ECOS Paints Cans

How to Open ECOS Paints Cans

ECOS Paints environmentally friendly, recyclable cans feature a secure closing ring to ensure your paint arrives in excellent condition. If you have trouble removing your can ring, the video and instructions below should help!

Opening Instructions

  1. Place the can on a flat surface
  2. Using both hands, lift up on the outside of the can ring and pull up, then turn the can 90 degrees
  3. Repeat #2 until the ring pops off of the can
  4. Then use a screwdriver, or other flat object, to ease the lid off of the can
  5. Don't forget to stir your paint before applying. Some separation is normal, particularly if the can has been sitting for some time

If you are having difficulty removing the can ring, you can also use a bottle opener.
See the second half of the video for additional information.